Endotis Pharma

Endotis Pharma is a biotech-pharma company created in 2003 and specializes in the discovery and development of small glycan drugs (SGDs). Their properties (solubility, stability, metabolism…) provide SGDs a number of key advantages over other therapeutics, yet, probably due to the difficulty of their chemistry, it is only recently that the pharmaceutical industry has begun to exploit this great potential; the anti-thrombotics Fondaparinux and Idraparinux, for instance, are derived from heparin. Through internal research and in-licensing, Endotis has developed a solid, innovative and very promising thrombosis pipeline, with a first candidate entering phase II (indication: acute coronary syndrom) and two others entering Phase I.

Company Info
Country: France
Industry:    Biotech
Sector: biotechnology
Status: Realized
Vehicle: Endeavour II LP

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