CeQur is a medical technology company, which has developed an insulin infuser for the care of type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients.

The CeQur device is a small discreet and wearable insulin patch infuser. It will be one of the smallest and easiest continuous delivery options as it will administer the basal and bolus rates of insulin over three days. The CeQur insulin infuser includes a disposable insulin reservoir that is connected to a reusable electronic messenger. The device easily attaches to the patient's abdominal area with a safe and secure adhesive backing. The product is currently in clinical trials in Europe. It will compete with delivery pens and syringes on the market, but with the proposed benefit of avoiding daily self-injections, which should increase patients’ compliance and clinical outcome.

Recent News

September 1, 2015
CeQur Announces $100 Million Series C Financing

May 19, 2015
CeQur Announces Publication Of Study Results On PaQ® Insulin Delivery Device To Reduce Barriers To Insulin Therapy

May 8, 2015
CeQur Announces Publication of Data Demonstrating PaQ® Insulin Delivery Device Reduces Barriers to Insulin Therapy

April 10, 2014
CeQur Appoints Douglas Lawrence Chief Executive Officer

March 5, 2014
Diabetes Care Publishes Data Demonstrating PaQ® Insulin Delivery Device Could Help People with Type 2 Diabetes Overcome Barriers to Insulin Adherence and Improve Clinical Outcomes

January 8, 2014
CeQur to Present at the 32nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

September 24, 2013
Data Demonstrating Potential Benefits of Simple Insulin Delivery Device Presented at European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting

September 9, 2013
CeQur SA Closes $27 Million Series B Financing

June 22, 2013
New Data Demonstrate Simple Insulin Delivery Device Can Significantly Reduce Barriers to Insulin Treatment Among People with Type 2 Diabetes

February 28, 2013
CeQur Announces Positive Results from Study Evaluating Simple Insulin Delivery Device Among People with Type 2 Diabetes

November 27, 2012
CeQur Receives CE Mark for PaQ® Insulin Delivery Device

September 26, 2012
CeQur Completes Study Evaluating Ability of Simple Insulin Delivery Device to Replace Insulin Injections Among People with Type 2 Diabetes

June 16, 2012
Clinical Study begins on Insulin Delivery Device for Type 2s

April 13, 2010
CeQur SA names Robert O'Holla EVP for Regulatory Affairs

October 7, 2009
CeQur SA Appoints Eric Milledge Chairman of the Board of Directors

January 5, 2009
CeQur SA Completes Series A Investment with 10 Million Dollar Raise in December 2009


Company Info
Country: Switzerland
Industry:    Biotech
Sector: medical technology
Status: Unrealized
Vehicle: Endeavour II LP

Key persons
 Eric Milledge, Chairman; James Peterson, CEO

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