for entrepreneurs

Whether you are in the internet, biotech or medtech sectors, our team practices combine entrepreneurial, operational and venture capital experience that will allow us to grasp your challenges and opportunities in a heart beat.

At Endeavour Vision, we are passionate about building the next entrepreneurial success stories. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to develop successful companies. With over 75 investments in 12 countries since 1989, we can offer a truly international perspective to entrepreneurs, across many industries and business situations. We have co-invested with over 50 VC’s on both sides of the Atlantic and have an acute understanding of how to build effective and committed investment syndicates. Above all, we put all our resources and network behind each entrepreneur and portfolio company.


If you are raising capital in these difficult times, you need an investor that has experienced different market cycles and is proven to act wisely. The true nature of your investors and their values are revealed during challenging times. Knowing what teamwork can achieve, Endeavour Vision attaches great importance to establishing genuine, long lasting relationships with entrepreneurs before investing. The tougher the situation, the more you will appreciate having us on your side.

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