what we look for

industry focus: internet (information technology), medtech and biotech

stage focus: early to expansion stage including spin-offs and restarts, growth stage

geography focus: European and US with global growth potential

Our investment track record proves that combining our expertise with a high potential management team can create extraordinary results. Consequently, our investment objectives and our investment criteria are highly selective to ensure success. In general, we operate within four main investment criteria, all of which must be in place, before we will consider an investment.

1. Hyper-growth market potential: We invest in segments which are experiencing or are about to experience aggressive growth. It is within these turbulent and fast moving areas that we excel at what we do and where we believe the greatest opportunity for world-class entrepreneurs exists.


2. World-class technology: We invest in companies that have a clear competitive or technological advantage with potential to address or open a large global market.

3. Capital efficiency: In the current financial market, capital efficiency is more important than ever. Companies will have to demonstrate that they can develop their product / service within parameters that are best-in-class and will allow them to reach profitability with the least amount of money.

4. Ambitious, agile and seasoned management team: Ultimately, Endeavour Vision invests in people - the people behind the execution of a business plan, who capture the opportunity inherent in a world-class technology and a hyper-growth global market. We look for entrepreneurs and management teams who have the capacity, the intelligence, the drive and the passion to succeed in a highly competitive, extremely volatile, fast-moving, fast-changing global market. We expect nothing less than the best from our entrepreneurs and they should expect nothing less from us.

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