Indication for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a life-threatening disorder which severely compromises the function of the lungs and heart. IPO on SWX in April 2000.

Tunable lasers for telecom networks. Sold to ADC Telecommunications (ADCT) in May 2000.

Unbreakable, energy efficient and scalable storage solution for cloud computing

Digital rights management for music on Internet. IP sold to Macrovision (MVSN) in June 2002

Optical components, vertical cavity lasers 'VCSEL' for datacom and sensing applications. Sold to Bookham (BKHM) in March 2006.

Founded in April 2000. Discovery and development of small molecules active on novel G protein-coupled receptors. CHF38 Mio raised, 60 employees. Most advanced project (Phase II): sub-arachnoid haemorrhage. Acquired by Actelion (ATLN) in October 2003.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Sold to Caere (US) in December 1994. Caere subsequently merged with Scansoft then Nuance.

CMOS analog semiconductor chipset, IP and services. The company was acquired by MIPS Technologies on Aug 27, 2007.

Softswitches provider for Telecoms Operators. Sold to Thomson in April 2005.

High performance interconnection bus. Sold participation in November 1996.

Medical technology company with a device to treat morbid obese patients. A gastric band restricts food intake, and is remotely controlled by the medical doctor. Company sold to Allergan (AGN) in February 2007.

Web application development platform. Sold to BEA in November 2005.

Gigabit Ethernet chipset. Sold to Agere (AGRA) in November 2003.

Technical calculation software for applying mathematics to engineering. Nasdaq IPO in February 1993.

Mobile content distribution platform and services. Sold to Alcatel in 2004

Multi-protocol Metro Ethernet solutions over SDH/SONET. Sold to Alcatel in March 2005.

Developing next generation treatment for brain aneurysms. Covidien acquired Nfocus Neuromedical in February 2013.

Noice cancellation solution. Nasdaq IPO (NCTI) in October 1998.

Indications of stroke and the related indications neuronal damage and thrombotic disease. IPO on Frankfurt exchange (PA8) in February 2005.

Software testing and debugging for embedded applications. Sold to Mathworks (US) in April 2007.

Flash memory semiconductor and products. Nasdaq IPO in November 1995.

Electronic Catalogue and sales configuration software for e-commerce. Sold to PartRiver in 2006.

Conditional access security systems for encryption, payment and data storage. SCM went public at end-1997 in a dual listing on the Nasdaq and the Neuer Markt.

Seatex is a GPS System for mapping, shipping and offshore undustry. IPO on the Olslo Exchange in January 1994.

NYSE:SQNS - 4G chipmaker, supplying LTE and WiMAX chipsWiMax wireless broadband chipsets and software solutions

Develop, manufacture, and market dental implant systems. Sold participation in January 2006.

Transaction reconciliation software and payment infrastructure solutions. Nasdaq IPO in Spetember 1999.

High performance semiconductor and integrated comminication software for DSL networks. Nasdaq IPO in November 1999.

Revenue assurance solution for Telecom Operators. Company was sold to Martin Dawes Systems (UK) in 2005.

Automotive parts. Reg S, sold participation in October 1993.
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