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Endeavour Vision is pleased to announce the addition of Kestra Medical Technologies to its portfolio – a company poised to disrupt the billion-dollar wearable cardioverter defibrillator (WCD) market.

Kestra is bringing much-needed innovation to patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Kestra’s ASSURE WCD automatically detects the irregularities in heart rhythm (arrhythmia) that can cause a cardiac arrest and delivers a defibrillation shock to the wearer to correct it. Almost half a million lives in the USA are lost every year due to sudden cardiac death, many of which could be saved by the use of a WCD.

Kestra’s ASSURE WCD system received FDA premarket approval in 2021 and is already protecting at-risk patients across multiple sites in the US. Patient study results have demonstrated excellent efficacy at detecting and defibrillating ventricular events, along with high rates of patient compliance and satisfaction.

Rob Barmann of Endeavour Vision joins Kestra’s board of directors.

About Kestra

Kestra Medical Technologies, Inc. is a privately held wearable medical device and digital healthcare company that protects cardiac patients with diagnostic monitoring and therapeutic technologies that are intuitive, intelligent, and mobile. Kestra was founded in 2014 by leaders from the external (AED) and internal (ICD) defibrillation industries. Kestra is based in Kirkland, Washington.